Postcapitalism is the economic space (economic network) that comes after capitalism. In postcapitalism, all agents can issue assets to be used as collateral if recognized as valuable by the network. Implicit here is the idea that a postcapitalism framed through finance can be depicted as an economy of continuous creation of new value-forms. Our wager is that a clear spread will open between what the old and the new economic space (economic network) make possible – there is a clear difference in their expressive capacity, accessibility, stability, adaptability, scalability, privacy, functional equality and programmability. The ECSA token is a performance derivative designed to capture a share of the spread: it is a mechanism that rewards early participation and through which contributors can participate in the creation of the postcapitalist economic space. In other words, it offers tokenized exposure to the economic performance of the postcapitalist economic network, not ownership of the network infrastructure which is open and free to use.

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