Economic intellect, Economic intelligence

Economic Intellect and Economic Intelligence (EI) refers to the new form of distributed governance or distributed leadership that the economic space protocol makes possible by integrating opinions, preferences and agendas by mutually empowering participants. In the economic space protocol each act of valuation from a participant is a new form of decision-making, or rather, affecting directly the materiality of the network.

Unlike voting, which seeks to define a collective making a decision on what to perform, an economic space is itself a decision seeking a collective to support it. Moreover, valuing performances follows market dynamics. It does not require creating a higher-powered agent like a board that coalesces preferences into discrete events and chooses a majority over a minority. Instead, the economic space protocol accounts for and integrates all opinions, preferences, and agendas by empowering participants as much as they empower others. The protocol is essentially a distributed general economic intellect. See General intellect. See Arbitrage on intelligence. See Economic Space Protocol.

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