(1) Agency means the capability to operate and navigate a space-time.

(2) An agency is a network of agents appearing and acting together as a coherent whole without any central decision making. A contractual relationship of many to many via a network derivative. Also known as the collective Agent, composite agent, synthetic agent, derivative agent, distributed agent, derivative community. Agencies may be public or private, uniquely identifiable and able to participate in other economic spaces as a coherent whole. Through such composite agent we enable the creation of large scale collaborative organizational networks. Agency is a view on the network: when viewing agents in these networks, organized around and participating in a specific performance, we refer to them as agencies. Agency is a new understanding of an issuance around a performance: though there is no one central issuer but instead a whole network of (distributed) issuers and issuances, it expresses that it is the whole group - the coming together of separate agents - that is actually creating the value that is tokenized and getting captured by the performance.

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