A performance is an informational event or a series of informational events. It can be any informational event the network records. It can make anything economically expressible. You can frame a network’s production as a stream of performances (series of informational events) that its participants may publish, validate, and value. These may include the production of commodities, but the protocol can frame any activity as an economic performance making more abstract and intangible forms of value economically expressible and relatable. As such it is a category of production, social interaction and world-creation that names the emergent superset for other productive capacities designated by terms including labor, attention, attention economy, cognition, cognitive capitalism and virtuosity. At the economic level of abstraction performance (as a series of connected informational events) is like the economic word for a protocol. It is an activity of an Agent, or of multiple agents enacting it together: a series of events, causally connected to each other, making performances naturally composable and divisible. A performance can form an agency. Performances are formed to seek network recognition (valuation) through offering them. They always include their own logic, of issuance, what they are going to create, how they distribute their surplus, assets etc. Everyone participating in the performance thus participates in its issuance.

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