Decolonised finance

Decolonising finance means the necessity of financial protocols to become the focus of democratic demands. Yet it is very different to DeFi: decolonisation means unmaking the naturnalness of dominating principles of rule (the protocols) and the mostly unconscious embrace of terms of exchange that are uneven and unequal but encasing forms of economic and financial association, community and selves. Decolonisation is never a straightforward question of escape (like we’ve learned from Franz Fanon, the colonised desire their colonisation and hate the decolonised), but rather of reappropriating the capacity of assembly, of affinity, of association, of value giving circulation - that capital & finance claim to belong to them. Decolonisation means reorienting the principles (the protocols) by which people rule their own movements & how they value these associations on their own terms. ECSA is decolonising finance.

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