Economic expression

We’ve realized that we are creating a language for new economic expression. It is an economic language that can express capitalist network protocols, but even more, it can go beyond them. It can encompass capitalist value calculus, but express more qualified values and refuse their collapse into the monological value-expression that disqualifies non-money values as economic externalities. It is capable of valuing the biosphere, care, intangibles and social innovation — without reducing their information into one index of price and one measuring unit of profitability. It is a postcapitalist language (a language for postcapitalist economic expression), in a literal sense. A new economic grammar for the information age. The place where this postcapitalist economic network language is spoken and understood is the postcapitalist economic space. It is a place of value creation where qualified values can both be expressed, composed and rendered interoperable. It multiplies denominations, which remain interoperable, because they share the same grammar.

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