The economy is a communication network: a group of agents interacting under certain agreements, i.e. protocols, that define the relations that form the network, their state and how these may change. Starting with communication networks situates agents in a social context and gives focus to their collective endeavour as ontologically prior to their individual interactions. Revealing the economy as a communication network means that the protocol that unites its agents does not need to be taken for granted. The economy is just a messaging protocol, just a networking protocol, just a communication network - which means that it can be redesigned. Framed this way, the economy reveals itself to be programmable: how the economy works and what are its key conventions - under what kind of relations, interactions, agents, values, state changes the network operates - becomes a design space, continuously open to its participating agents. The whole programmability of the economy is a dimension of making it accessible. We think that by describing economy as a communication network and as a language that can be opened and shared and learned, we are also reclaiming its powers and what can be done with it: thinking about it as a language which can be used to express many different things, we can start adding richness, gain capacity to define your own values, create new kind of assets, new kind of risking-together, redenominate, do redeployments from your perspective out of a network you are part of. It means reclaiming, redefining, occupying the economy. We want to open up the language of economy: to give everyone the same rights and capacities to express themselves and what they value. Why? Because we want to decentralize the authorship of futures: to open source and decentralize what remained centralized and closed still in the social media: the information and protocol layers called the economy. We want to create a more expressive language to describe our economic networks, because their nature is bound by the expressivity of the language that can conceive them. See Governance.

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