Network derivative

Tokens and assets in the economic space protocol are network derivatives. As a concept, network derivative expands a token beyond just a “token”, to the metrics that are the underliers of the token. If a network index (performance index) is a measure of an aspect of the performance of a network, then the network derivative represents a position on the index: it expresses a connection to the underlying vitality of each specific and purposeful network. Network derivative is a right to an underlying – it carries always information about the underlying process that creates it. Network derivatives are like a two way interface to massively distributed systems: through network derivatives you can both sense into them and affect them. Network indices and network derivatives built from this information will be the primary content discovery paradigm of the Economic Web where nodes are Economic space agents and tokens the links in the network - just like keyword based search was the dominant content discovery paradigm in Web 1.0 (where nodes were documents and hyperlinks the links in the network) and social based feed was for Web 2.0. (where nodes were people, brands and likes/follows the linking mechanism).

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