Economic media

Economic media is a medium for expressing economic-organizational composition (economic networks). We are entering the era of economic media. Just like social networking applications gave us social media, economic networking applications will give us economic media. How we relate to each other economically will be remediated by applications (formats, templates, protocols) in the same sense that our social relations already are. Crowdfunding, P2P lending, cryptocurrencies, DAOs, DeFi, NFTs, liquidity and community farming, are just the first baby steps of this transformation. Marshall McLuhan famously said: The message of any new medium is the change of scale or pace or pattern it introduces to human affairs. We are preoccupied with precisely this question: what is the message of economic media? What change of scale or pace or pattern it introduces to human affairs? As an economic media, the economic space protocol offers all agents the same economic-organizational capacities: everyone has the capacity to issue stake, clear credit, make offers, or create new economic spaces. At the same time, this symmetry elevates the communication dimension of the economic network, enabling information to flow equally and bidirectionally among its participants without being mediated by privileged parties. In this way, we effectively engage in a many-to-many dialogue and negotiation about what is valuable.

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