Navigation in the new economic space. In a token economy context of transparency and decentralized open source data we need a reliable runtime and a grammar that can help us navigate and operate this space and build knowledge about what is happening in these networks. Without these tools we are today without politics and economics, incapable of expressing and intervening in processes and the future of our life. Econautics is a new content discovery paradigm. A new economic space-time navigational instrument set. Just like renaissance scientists, like Galileo Galilei and Leonardo da Vinci, invented the experiments and instruments to navigate, understand and measure the newly opened space-time realities — the microscopes and telescopes to reveal micro- and macrocosms, inclinometers to determine latitudes, thermoscopes to show change of temperature, barometers to reveal atmospheric pressure, nautical instruments, experimental methods to understand invisible phenomena, velocity, acceleration, gravity — we will need to do the same for the new economic space-time to understand what is going on in our economic networks. There will be a new renaissance.

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