Don't Panic!

Welcome, econaut! As we venture into the vast expanse of the new economic space, it's crucial to have a reliable guide. This guidebook is designed to aid you in your journey through the uncharted expanse of our collective economic future. Equipped with insights, terminologies, and concepts vital to navigating this space, it is an indispensable tool for any econaut.
Economic space agency represents a fundamental shift in the way we perceive and interact with/through economy. As we transition from capitalist to post-capitalist worlds, we'll explore new social horizons marked by shared risk, collective endeavor, and mutual opportunity. This guide is designed to help you understand the grammar of this space, so that you can effectively participate in the emergence of this new distributed economic medium.
In this guide, you will encounter various key concepts and ideas:
Economic space: an economic collaboration space bounded by a protocol: a programmable network where participants define, share, value and execute each other’s economic performances. Participants coordinate and communicate economically via offers without central decision-making bodies. It is both an Expression and potentially an expressor, with its own Agency and Subjectivity.
Stake refers to a financial position or exposure to a performance's contingencies. It frames risk as economic potentiality, creating social relationships and opening pathways for information flow vital to navigating the ever-evolving fabric of our economic reality.
Economic Space Agency (ECSA) aims to bridge the gap between the capitalist and post-capitalist worlds, utilizing the capacities already latent in capitalism to facilitate the transition to post-capitalism. The ECSA token, a key element of this project, represents both a long position on post-capitalist economy and a short position on the capitalist one.
Living in the spread refers to the constant decision-making process within the potential Spread between capitalist and post-capitalist worlds. It encapsulates the uncertainty, risk, and opportunity inherent in this shift.
As an Econaut, your mission is to explore new economic space, and this guide will help you navigate its complexities. Remember, the journey is a shared one. We are all in this together, exploring, experimenting, and risking together on our shared economic future. So gear up and set sail. The new economic space awaits!