ECSA is using finance as its medium of expression. Why? Because, economically and politically, if we want to build postcapitalism, we must recognize the power of finance as an organizational technology that can connect the future and the present. That is why there is no question in our mind that postcapitalism is a financial system: finance is a non-state way of connecting the future and the present. ECSA wants to reengineer finance, liquidity and risk flows, flows of dependencies and potentialities, to work with its materiality, with the divergent capacities lying latent but definitely built-into its matter. Financial technologies are moldable, plastic, synthetic – just waiting for an artist’s touch to make them start producing different socialities. Finance as our material and medium, we want to attach directly to art’s power to create unforeseen, previously unknown and unthinkable economic, political, social, incorporeal processes. See Navigation.

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